Our Climate Action Plan

4 Point Climate Action Plan

Our four-point Climate Action Plan is part of our sustainability strategy, How We Tread Right. Our plan is not marked by one quick fix, because there isn’t one, it is marked with our commitment to learn and adapt as human behaviour, technology and innovation present new and exciting ways to decarbonise.

The four points are:


Measure the emissions from our accommodation, meals offered to our guests, and business trips.


Reduce emissions to achieve our verified science-based targets, read more about them here. We’ve even established a Carbon Fund to help fund our transition to net-zero. 


Invest in nature-based carbon removal solutions and conservation efforts to help support projects that can restore our planet. These projects will be funded via our TreadRight Foundation.


Continue to learn from others, invest in new technologies and support strategic alliances that enable us and the industry to move to a low carbon economy.

We declare a Climate Emergency

It is no longer a secret that climate change poses a serious threat to what makes Scotland so special: our landscapes, wildlife, and local community.

To fight against these record-breaking temperatures, rising sea levels, and loss of biodiversity, we're declaring a climate emergency as a founding signatory to the Glasgow Declaration and 'Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency'. Our common goal as tourism businesses is to cut global carbon emissions to 55% over the next decade to keep the planet within 1.5 degrees of warming.

Read our Climate Emergency Declaration.

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What else is The Skye Inn doing to reduce its carbon footprint?

  1. All glass, plastics, paper, cardboard & cans are recycled and all waste is monitored & recorded
  2. We use a composting bin for the majority of food waste
  3. Our used cooking oil is collected and used to create high quality biofuels for transport
  4. All toilets have an ecoflush mechanism and measures have been taken to reduce water
  5. We use eco-friendly cleaning products
  6. Heating is thermostatically controlled and on a timer to ensure no room is heated when not in use
  7. We use low energy LED light bulbs
  8. All corridor lighting operates via motion sensors
  9. Our meals are all homemade and freshly produced using seasonal ingredients
  10. We use local suppliers for the majority of our food & beverage items
  11. We use Fairtrade products where possible
  12. We do not replace towels unless specifically requested